Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Portable Laser Marking Machine Future of portable laser marking machine: 1> Electrical Engineering and Electrical part and component 2> Mobile (Cover,Website:http://www.chinalasercnc.com,battery,keyboard, I Phone Case) 3> Jewellery(Ring,pedeant,bracelet),eyeglass,clocks and craft 4> Building materials,PVC pipe 5> Car motor car spare part 6> Insturment and meters and cutting tool 7> plastic case 8> hardware fitting and accessory 9> sanitary appliance 10> food and beverage 11> Medicine package and medical instrument 12> solar Pv industryMachine parameters of portable laser marking machine:Product nameFiber laser marking machineLaser power10W/20W/30WWorking area110*110mm/150*150mm/300*300mm(can customize)Laser Wavelength10.64µmEngraving depth<=8mmMin.Line Width0.1mmMarking speed0-7000mm/sMin character0.4mmMax.Marking Depth0-6mmRepetition presition±0.01mmCooling methodAir coolingGraphic Format SupportedPLT, BMP, DXF, JPG, TIF, AI,etcVoltage220v ± 10%/50HzCE&FDA certification Made in China optical fiber laser marking machine marking samples:fast speed fiber laser marking machine packing& delivery:


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