Nylon Wheels

Nylon  Wheels  Products DescriptionDC CASTERS Nylon Wheels are nice Nylon Caster Wheels,Website:http://www.dc-casters.com, which are made of Nylon, and its steel legs thickness is 3mm. Regarding the middle size nylon wheels,single wheel loading capacity is from 10KGS up to 150 KGS, these kinds of nylon wheels are widely used in market, school, hospital, office building ,hotel and those building which have good condition of floor, and move smoothly. The frame of Nylon Wheels are applied hot galvanizing, in this way, the surface finishing of Wheels are beautiful, nylon materials are heatproof, anti- noise pollution, non-poisonous, not smelly, environmental protection and recycled.DC CASTERS nylon Wheels are both popular in domestic market and abroad.Surface treatment: Plate Zinc and Spray PlasticsSteel Thickness: 3mmBearing: Single BearingWheel Materials: Nylon with PU CoreMode: Rigid, Swivel, BrakeSpecification:Wheel MaterialsWheel Dia.(Inch)Wheel Width(MM)Overall Height(MM)BearingLoading Capacity(KGS)Thread length onPlate(MM)Nylon with PU Core4"32108Single Bearing100M12*30Nylon with PU Core5"32108Single Bearing120M12*30Nylon with PU Core6"32108Single Bearing150M12*30


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