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Welcome to purchase discount source pneumatic positioner from our company,Website:, which is one of the best China pneumatic positioner manufacturers and suppliers.Pneumatic positioner The Samson Pneumatic positioner EXPERTplus valve diagnostics can detect faults and provide predictive, status-oriented maintenance recommendations for valves with pneumatic actuators. The full scope of diagnostic functions is completely integrated into the positioner. The numerous diagnostic functions allow faults to be pinpointed in control valves at an early stage. The TROVIS-VIEW software, which allows the user to access, read and edit the diagnosis, is easy to learn. The integration options including eDD, eEDD, FDT/DTM allow the diagnostic functions to be also used in other engineering tools. Classified status messages and the condensed state conforming to the NAMUR Recommendation NE 107 can also be read on site at the positioner display and can be issued over the fault alarm contact.Special features1) Diagnosis data are constantly compiled, saved and analyzed in the positioner. Status messages are automatically generated. Test data and their analysis are saved in the positioner.2) Cyclical polling of diagnosis data, multiplexer-capable3) Statistical information (in-service monitoring) and tests (out-of-service diagnostics) pinpoint critical states before malfunctions can affect the process, allowing the user to plan predictive maintenance and service work on control valves4) Minimum and maximum temperature readings with details on how long the limits have been exceeded5) Automatic start of diagnostic functions6) Display of service and maintenance recommendations7) Display of classified status and fault messagesOptions1) Leakage sensor to monitor leakage between valve seat and plug2) Binary input, e.g. to start tests, monitor external solenoid valve, etc.Statistical informationData are compiled, saved and analyzed by the positioner while the process is running without disrupting the process. The positioner follows the set point to position the valve. A classified status alarm or fault alarm is generated if the positioner detects an event.ApplicationElectropneumatic positioner Positioner firmware to detect potential valve faults and with maintenance recommendations. Valid for firmware version V1.51 and higher.


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