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Welcome to purchase discount source pneumatic valve from our company,Website:, which is one of the best China pneumatic valve manufacturers and suppliers.Pneumatic valveSamson Pneumatic valve Standard version designed for temperatures from –10 to +220 °C (15 to 430 °F) with pneumatic actuator.Principle of operation (Fig. 3 and Fig. 4)Depending on the version, the three-way valve can be used for either mixing or diverting service.In mixing valves, the process media to be mixed enter at valve ports A and B. The combined flow exits the valve at port AB (see Fig. 3). The flow rate from ports A or B to AB depends on the cross-sectional area of flow between the seats and plugs. In diverting valves, the process medium enters at the valve port AB and the partial flows exit at ports A and B (see Fig. 4). Note: The design of the mixing and diverting valves in sizes DN 15 to 25 (NPS ½ to 1) is identical.Technical dataVersionDIN ANSIValve sizeDN 15 to 150NPS ½ to 6MaterialCast ironEN-JL1040Cast steel 1.0619Cast stainless steel1.4408Cast steelA216 WCCCast stainless steelA351 CF8MPressure ratingPN 10, 16, 25, 40Class 150 or 300Type of end connectionsAll flange types acc. to DIN EN 1092-1/-2   1)RF 2)Seat/plug sealMetal sealMetal sealCharacteristicLinearLinearRangeability50:1 for DN 15 to 5050:1 for NPS ½ to 230:1 for DN 65 to 15030:1 for NPS 2½ to 6Temperature ranges in °C and °F. Permissible   operating pressures according to pressure-temperature diagramsBody without insulating section–10 to +220 °C–10 to +220 °C (15 to   430 °F)Body withShort insulating section 3)–10 to +300 °C–10 to +400 °C 4)–50 to +450 °C 4)–29 to +427 °C(–20 to +800 °F)–50 to +450 °C(–58 to +842 °F)Short bellows seal 3)–10 to +300 °C–10 to +400 °C 4)–50 to +450 °C 4)–29 to +400 °C(–20 to +750 °F)–50 to +450 °C(–58 to +842 °F)Leakage class according to IEC 60534‑4 or ANSI/FCI 70‑2I (0.05 % KVS)I (0.05 % KVS)1) Except for tongue Form D, groove Form D and female face Form F for DN 152) Other versions for NPS ¾ and larger available on request3) Long insulating section or bellows seal on request4) Version for lower temperatures on requestMaterialStandard versionDIN ASTMValve body 1)Cast ironEN-JL1040Cast steel 1.0619Cast stainless steel 1.4408Cast steelA216 WCCCast stainless steelA351 CF8MValve bonnet1.0460/EN-JL10401.04601.4401A105A182 F316Seat 2)1.40061.4404Cr steelUNS S 41000A182 F316LPlug 2)1.40061.4404Cr steelUNS S 41000A182 F316LSeat/plug sealMetal sealMetal sealGuide bushing1.41041.4404A 582 430FA182 F316LPacking 3)V-ring packing: PTFE with carbon ·   Spring: 1.4310/A479 302Body gasketsGraphite on metal coreGraphite on metal coreInsulating section1.04601.4401/1.4404A105A182 F316/F316LMetal bellows sealIntermediate piece1.04601.4401/1.4404A105A182 F316/F316LMetal bellows1.4571 4)316 Ti1) Special materials for applications with sea water: 1.4538, duplex 1.4470; nickel-based alloy: 9.4610; other special materials on request2) All seats and metal-seated plug also with Stellite® facing; for ≤DN 100 plug up to seat bore 38 made of solid Stellite available.3) Other packings on request 4) Other materials on request


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