Fisher A31D Butterfly Valve

Welcome to purchase discount source fisher a31d butterfly valve from our company,Website:, which is one of the best China fisher a31d butterfly valve manufacturers and suppliers.Fisher A31D ValveThe Fisher A31D is a double-flange high-performance butterfly valve featuring either a splined drive shaft or a keyed drive shaft for either throttling or on/off service. A31D is available in NPS 3 through 24, CL150 and CL300.Main featurea) A31D butterfly valve is withShaft-blowout protection design. b) For NPS 3 through 12 valves, the packing follower and an anti-blowout follower hold an anti-blowout gland securely around the valve shaft.  c) For NPS 14 through 24 valves, the anti-blowout gland fits securely over the valve shaft which has been turned down to form a circumferential shoulder that contacts the anti-blowout gland.Specification1) Excellent Emissions Capabilitie 2) Shaft Versatility 3) Sour Service Capability 4) Reliable Flange Gasketing Surface 5) Easy Installation6) Excellent Shutoff Integrity7) True Bi-directional Shutoff Performance


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