FDG4000-large Flange Face Repair

FDG4000 Flange Facer MachineA specially developed for large flange-site processing equipment,Website:http://www.dthmachines.com, such as: offshore platform crane flange hull propeller flange, using milling processing methods to meet the fast and high-precision production requirements.Feature DescriptionUsing high-power motor input, cutting capacity, high production efficiencyFolder knife disc standard size is 250mm, but also holding cutter, for machining the hole, cylindrical, sealing groove.High precision, flatness of less than 0.1mmThe flatness can be guaranteed at 0.1mmPower options: servo hydraulicEquipped with remote control box with convenient operation and high safety factorMin facing diameter1500mmMax facing diameter4000mmDrive -electricRotational Power1KWSpindle Power3.5KWDrive -HydraulicRotational PowerBG200Spindle PowerBG100Hydraulic supply60L/min,25HProtation R.P.M0-5Spindle R.P.M0-800Spindle Stroke150mmCutter Diameter250mm(standard)


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