MIG250-MIG Welding Equipment

MIG WELDING MACHINESHENZHEN DTH MACHINES CO.,LTDLantian Industrial Park Haoxiang Road Shajing Town Shenzhen China    TEL:86755-33238068  FAX:86755-33238950  Phone:86-18576753168 MAIL:sales3@dthmachines.comProduct Features:1. Small and light: The size of the mid-frequency transformer in this series is reduced to only several % of that in the traditional arc welding machines. Our machines are about 1/5 ~ 1/10 as heavy and 1/3 as big as compared to the traditional ones.2. High efficiency: Energy efficiency reaches 80~85% and power factor can reach as high as 0.93. Over 1/3 of energy is saved compared to traditional arc welders.3. Step-less adjustment for welding current and voltage,Website:http://www.dthmachines.com, can fulfil the requirements for different welding tasks.4. Stable welding with little welding spatter. Nice form of welded seam.5. Auto-compensation against power fluctuation.6. Suitable base material: Carbon steel, Low alloy steel, Stainless steel.ModelNBC200GSNBC250GSNBC250YNBC250GInput  Voltage(V)AC220V±15%AC220V±15%AC380V±15%AC380V±15%Frequency(HZ)50/6050/6050/6050/60Rated Input Current(A)37.451.612.712.7Output Current Range(A)40-20040-25050-25050-250Rated Output Voltage(V)16.5-2416.5-26.516.5-26.516.5-26.5Duty Cycle(%)60606060Power Factor0.730.730.930.93Efficiency(%)80808585Wire Feed TypeBuilt-inBuilt-inBuilt-inBuilt-inFeed Speed3-133-182.5-242.5-13Housing Protection GradeIP21IP21IP21IP21Insulation GradeFFFFPlate Thickness(mm)0.8+0.8+0.8+0.8+Shipping Weight(KG)21213331.5Packing Diameter(mm)468*245*478468*245*478570*295*558480*204*303Base MaterialWelding ProcessWire Diameter(mm)Current Range (A)Applicable ModelCarbon steel Stainless steel Low-alloy steelCO2/MAG0.6/0.8/1.040-160/40-175MIG175GDCO2/MAG0.8/1.050-200MIG200GSCO2/MAG0.8/1.050-250MIG250GSCO2/MAG0.8/1.050-250MIG250GCO2/MAG0.8/1.050-300MIG300G


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