Ultrasonic Quilting Machine (JT005)

Changzhou Tengchao Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the professional ultrasonic quilting machine (jt005) manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to offer you ultrasonic quilting machine (jt005) price and quotation consultation.Product DetailBasic InfoModel NO.:JT005Certification:CEWidth:1.5mProduct Description For compounding all kinds of non-pure cotton fabric, artificial leather, non-woven fabric or felt. Widely used for garment, home textile and decoration industries, for garment, bed sheet, pillow, sofa, bag, automobile decoration fabrics. Characteristic: 1. Latest ultrasonic technical control system, stable and strong power, for long time continuously production2. Multi ultrasonic protection system guarantees stable operation. 3. Machine with: (1)Embossing and compounding machine, (2)Ultrasonic control cabinet, (3)Finished products winding machine, (4)Holding supporter for different fabrics. 4. Non needle and thread quilting, more efficient production, and more visible and attractive products. Designs (patterns) as per customers demand.  Contact Now


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