Compact Orifice Flow Meter

Welcome to purchase discount source compact orifice flow meter from our company, which is one of the best China compact orifice flow meter manufacturers and suppliers.Compact Orifice Flow Meter-ABB Variable Area Flow Meters ABB Variable Area Flow Meters or VA Meters for short, indicate flow by the force of a liquid, gas or steam supporting a "float". The tube is tapered so that the area between the float and the tube increases with the height, increasing the cross sectional area  which results in  the in the float settling out at various heights equal to the flow of fluid. The variable area flow meters are also referred to rotameters, purge meters depending on the flow rate and application. The classic variable area flow meters had a glass tube, however all metal meters or armored flow meters and armored purge meters meters are all variable area flow meters. Buck Sales Inc is an authorized distributor of ABB, Fischer & Porter, Bailey rotameters, purge meters and armored variable area flowmeters. Fischer & Porter is now part of ABB and all the Fischer & Porter meters are now made by ABB in the USA or Germany.Rotameters are also known as variable area flow meters and include a wide variety of flow meters under different names. The term variable area flow meter or VA meter comes from the cross sectional area increases along the length of the tube which results in  the float settling out at various heights equal to the flow of liquid or gas.The classic rotameter, the glass tube rotameter is the 5 to 10" long meter with a float made of stainless steel or other material. For applications requiring higher pressures and temperatures the glass tube was replaced by a stainless steel tube which goes by various name of armored flow meter, metal tube rotameter, metal tube flow meter, flanged armored meter, etc.A smaller version of the glass tube rotameter with tube lengths varying between 1.5 to 10" with smaller diameter tubes and floats were developed for low flow applications and since these were often used for purging they are also called purge meters, glass tube purge meters and low flow meters,  Again, to meet higher pressures and temperatures the glass tube was replaced by  stainless steel and these smaller meters are called armored purge meters.For local indication the rotameter is a simple, cost effective choice, it can be used to measure flow of  a wide variety of liquids, gases, vapors and even steam. It is low maintenance and does not need electrical power to operate.Over time additional functions of alarming and analog transmitters have been added to increase it functionality.Following the acquisition of Fischer & Porter, ABB brings its considerable scope and power to offer a wide range of world-class rotameters. Today we have one of the highest global install rates, as well as one of the largest customer bases and broadest ranges of rotameters. Our network of distributors provide the user with fast delivery, widespread parts availability and solid service support.Rotameters, also known as variable area flow meters, are designed to measure the flow of liquids or  gases via a tapered tube and float system. They are accurate, reliable and simple to install and maintain. The main benefit is  their low cost, which has made them a popular choice for many flow applications since Fischer & Porter introduced the first mass- produced glass tube flow meter in 1937.


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