YamaTake Valve Positioner

Welcome to purchase discount source yamatake valve positioner from our company, which is one of the best China yamatake valve positioner manufacturers and suppliers.YamaTake Valve PositionerJapan YamaTake valve positionerProduct Code: 201481812659Main features1. Simple debugging and easy usageAutomatic settingAutomatic setting software is a fully automatic configuration program.Compared with other brand s, AVP3000  can automatically identify the implementation of the specifications without other peripheral equipments, and automatically adjust the optimization according to the specification. For basic setting , AVP3000 automatically works by the switch setting without PC or peripheral equipment.On-site intelligent communication.By the application of all Yama Take intelligent instruments (SFC) , AVP can be calibrated and set.2. Meet optimization of different requirements Forced fully closed settingWhen it required valves forced closed, AVP through in a set position signal cut off, implementing agencies do not need special supply pressure to ensure that the valve is completely closed.The user-defined flow characteristics Linear, equal percentage, quick opening characteristics are the standard configuration. To meet the on-site requirements, users can also change the flow characteristics of the valve positioner by setting the input / output characteristics.Accurate split range settingTo meet the requirements of on-site process characteristics, users can easily achieve the valve range setting(Min set : 4mA) by on-site intelligent communication device (SFC)3. Efficient and reasonable maintenanceReduce spare parts as a result of any changes in the specifications are set by software, AVP reduced the cost of storage of spare parts.Valve position feedback monitoringAVP to provide the valve position feedback unit as an optional attachment, the user can monitor the action of the valve in order to find the problem in advance.Self diagnosisAVP provides self-diagnostic procedures to ensure that the failure to quickly determine the valve.4.At the same time, yamatake positioner apply to the single function / double action executive function (the dual function is optional)Through reverse amplifier, AVP can be applied to double acting actuator.AVP100  specificationMax input resistance : 300Ω/20mA DCOutput  characteristics: linear, equal percentage, quick openingFeedback rod angle:     /- 4 ~ /- 20Stem rotation angle: maximum 90Intelligent valve positioner is AVP100 is connected to the regulation of 4-20mA output circuit, adjust all have complete electronic module, input signal and valve open degree between can be arbitrarily set, can be easily set and other special applications. AVP100 type 4-20mA standard signal, can be directly installed in the existing control system. Debugging is very simple.ApplicationYamatake controller available models are: AVP100-H, AVP102-H, AVP300, AVP301, AVP302, etc.SVP3000 Alphaplus smart valve positioner AVP100/102.AVP3000 Alphaplus is an intelligent electric / gas valve positioner based on microprocessor technology. AVP3000  Alphaplus to accept the controller to transmit the DC signal to control the opening of the valve. In addition to this function, Alphaplus AVP3000 has the field communication, automatic configuration, self diagnosis function, greatly improve the production efficiency of the factory.


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