Series HF In-Line Flow Monitors

Welcome to purchase discount source series hf in-line flow monitors from our company, which is one of the best China series hf in-line flow monitors manufacturers and suppliers.Series HF In-Line Flow MonitorsFor Air, Water or Caustic Fluids, ±2% FS Accuracy, Unrestricted MountingThe SERIES HF In-Line Flow Monitors are ruggedly constructed and ideal for direct measurement for a range of compatible gases, oil or water based liquids. This Series is designed based on a floating orifice disk and variable area flow measurement. Flowing media forces linear motion of the orifice disk and a ring shaped magnet which ride on a tapered center shaft. The transfer magnet drives a clearly visible magnet follower located outside the flow tube, and a ring on the magnet follower indicates flow rate on the direct reading scale.Product Applications•  Setting pressure relief valves•  Fluid handling equipment•  Detecting low-flow rates for lubricating liquids•  Pulp and paper•  Industrial maintenance•  Fluid power•  Heating loop flowSpecificationsService:Compatible gases or liquids.Wetted Materials:   HFA:   Aluminum casing, Buna-N seals, PTFE coated Alnico magnet, SS disk; HFB: Brass   casing, Buna-N seals, PTFE coated Alnico magnet, SS disk; HFS: 303 SS casing,   FKM seals with PTFE backup, PTFE coated Alnico magnet, SS disk.Maximum Viscosity:   500 SSU.Temperature Limits:240°F (116°C).Pressure Limits:   HFA,   HFB, HFL and HFH models: 600 psig (41 bar) for air and gas, 3500 psig (241   bar) for liquids;   HFS model: 1000   psig (70 bar) for air and gas, 6000 psig (413 bar) for liquids.Accuracy:±4% FS over entire range; ±2.5% over center   third of the measuring range.Repeatability:    ±1% of   FS.Shipping Weight:   1/4"   to 1/2" female NPT models; 2 lb (0.9 kg);   3/4" to   1" female NPT models: 3.5 lb (1.59 kg); 1-1/2" female NPT models:   11 lb (5 kg);   2" female   NPT models: 13.5 lb (6.12 kg).Features•    This unique design allows accurate performance with fluid viscosities up to 500 SSU•    All internal wetted parts are contained inside a sealed metal tubular casing assuring a virtually maintenance-free unit•    Increased application versatility with no inlet or outlet straight plumbing requirement and can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or inverted•    Rugged construction allows for high pressure and temperature rating for long operation life


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