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Welcome to purchase discount source single seat valve from our company, which is one of the best China single seat valve manufacturers and suppliers.Single Seat ValveRV701 control valve, the RV 701 single-seated control valves is a high performance single seat control valve, which is designed to meet various application requirements. Product Code: 2014516153049Process mediumThis RV701 control valve is designed to control the flow and pressure of gases, liquids and vapors. When the inlet and outlet flow rates are maintained at a certain allowable range, they can also be applied to natural gas and steam. Usually the medium includes superheated steam, saturated steam and no special requirements for the material of the valve material. For other applicable medium, please consult the manufacturer as the body material is in contact with process medium.ApplicationThe application area of this valve is the continuation of the RV501 series. It is especially suitable for metallurgy, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, electric power, papermaking and other industries.InstallationThe single seat valve installation must make the medium flow and the arrow marked on the valve body in the same direction. The valve can be installed horizontally, vertically and inclined in any position except the actuator position below the valve. DN 250 valve must be installed horizontally and the actuator can not be tilt.Differential pressureTaking into account of the pressure balance valve and actuator driving force, when in high differential pressure condition, the application of valve is not subject to media pressure but by the restriction of the throttle system. Using the valve core with a hole and the valve cage with a hole, the maximum recommended differential pressure for each stage of the multi-stage decompression is 4.0Mpa. When using parabolic spool, the maximum differential pressure is 2 Mpa. About the pressure ratio and other equipment specifications, please consult the manufacturer.Maximum allowable working pressure, please refer to below table   [Mpa]MaterialPNTemperature ℃100150200250300350400450500550Cast steel 1.061916013.612.711.410.49.408.808.40------25021.319.817.816.214.713.713.2------32027.225.422.820.818.817.616.840034.131.728.426.023.521.921.1------Alloy steel 1   .735716016.315.814.914.313.312.311.510.78.903.5025025.424.823.322.320.819.318.016.713.95.5 404.073.963.743.573.333.092.892.672.230.8832032.631.629.828.626.624.623.021.417.87.0040040.739.637.435.733.330.928.926.722.38.8Technical dataSeriesRV702RV/UV 220(EX)RV /UV 230(EX)Valve Body type Single seat,   control valve, pressure balance valve coreNominal diameterDN 25-250Nominal pressurePN 160,250,320PN 160,250,320,400Body material Carbon steel  1 .0619(GP 240 GH)Alloy steel  1.7357(G17CrMo5-5)Welding end &  Flange material 1.425(P 265 GH)1.7335(13CrMo4-5)Valve seat material DN 25,50,100,125,150,25017021.6 (1.4006)Valve ball materialDN 25,50,100,125,150,25017123.6 (1.4078)Working temperature-20 ----400℃-20----- 500℃Flange connection   PN 160 DIN 2548(4/1969)PN 250 DIN 2549(4/1969)PN 320 DIN 2550(4/1969)PN 400 DIN 2551(4/1969)Flange type DIN 2526(3/1975) facing flangeWelding end As per csn 13   1075(3/1991)Valve inner part Model Level I, Level   III pressure-reducingOrifice valve   ball-valve seatFlow characteristics Linear, equal   percentageLeakage level IV level, as per   CSN-EN 1349(5/2001) high grade seal level VIV level, as   per  CSN-EN 1349, <0.001% kvs  Metal-PTFE sealPacking GraphiteNOTE: Flange connection is not applicable for DN250/PN 400.The range of kv valueDN25**)50100125150250Multi-stage pressure-reducing Kvs (m3/h)- linear10.1-8.03.2-3210-12516-360*16-360*40-63020.1-8.02.5-328.0-12512.5-50012.5-25040-50031.6-8.02.0-328.0-10012.5-20012.5-20040-400Multi-stage pressure-reducing Kvs (m3/h) –equal percentage characteristic10.63-8.06.3-2516-6332-12532-12550-32020.63-6.35.0-2012.5-5025-8025-8050-20031.6-4.04.0-1610-4020-6320-6350-160*)  It is for PN160 & PN250 ONLY. For PN360 & PN400, the Kvs is 250m3/h**)  It is for the Kvs range of  0.1-1.6 of customized valve ball. The valves ranges are listed above.


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