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Welcome to purchase discount source actuator diaphragm from our company, which is one of the best China actuator diaphragm manufacturers and suppliers.Actuator DiaphragmFISHER 2052 Diaphragm Rotary ActuatorFisher 2052 spring-and-diaphragm rotary actuators are used on rotary-shaft valve bodies for throttling or on-off applications. The 2052 diaphragm actuator may be used for throttling service with a positioner, or it may be used for on-off service without a positioner. The 2052 Actuator Diaphragm has an ISO 5211 mating interface that allows installation to non-Fisher valves. Refer to separate bulletins for valve and positioner information.Features1) Compact design, smaller actuators—Ensures reduced valve/actuator envelope dimensions leading to greater mounting versatility for both skids and process plants, where space is at a premium.2) Compatible with DVC2000, DVC6200, and DVC6000 digital valve controllers; and 3610J and 3620J positioners-- The new actuator allows linkage-less feedback, via a contact-less magnetic array, from the lever to the end-mounted DVC2000. Integral window mounting of the DVC6200,DVC6000, 3610J, and 3620J is also available.Adjustable travel stops standard-- The pneumatic diaphragm actuator provides the ability to adjust or change the travel range by 30 degrees in either direction without removing the actuator or the addition of extra parts.3) Fail-safe mechanism contains no aluminum—All parts in the fail-safe mechanism (made of steel, cast iron, and ductile iron) ensure the actuator will maintain safety integrity in the event of a fire.4) Powder paint as standard-- The Emerson Process Management_ powder paint finish offers an excellent corrosion-resistant finish to all external steel and cast iron parts.5) NAMUR VDE/VDI 3845 bolt pattern for accessory mounting-- Meeting the global standard ensures compatibility for most accessories, enabling quick and easy mounting.6) Field reversible, right- or left-hand mounting— The actuator/valve assembly action can be converted from push-down-to-open to push-down-to-close, or vice-versa, without additional parts.7) Declutchable and top-mounted handwheels-- Available for all sizes.SpecificationSpecificationsActuator Mounting ConnectionsSplined shaft connection, ISO 5211 actuator-to-bracket   connectionSize 1: F07, Size 2: F10, Size 3: F14Maximum Diaphragm Casing PressureSize 1, 2, and 3 Actuators: 5 barg (73   psig)Actuator Temperature Capabilities(1)Standard: -45 to 80 degreesOptional: -45 to 100 degrees or -60 to 80 degrees Approximate WeightSize 1: 22.2 kg (49 lb)Size 2: 54.4 kg (120 lb)Size 3: 113 kg (250 lb)Controller/Positioners AvailableDVC2000, DVC6020, DVC6030, DVC6200,   3610J, 3620J, 4190, C1Adjustable Travel StopsStandard adjustable up and down stops   capable of 30 degrees of adjustment per stop.Accessories Available846, 646, 2625, and 67C Series, switches,   i2P-100, VBL, DXP, GO Switch[1]HandwheelTop-mounted handwheel: Optional on Size   1, 2, and 3 actuatorsDeclutchable handwheel(2): Optional on   Size 1, 2, and 3 actuatorsOperational Lockout(2)Available for customer-supplied padlock to lock the actuator in the spring-fail position1. The pressure/temperature limits in   this bulletin should not be exceeded. The current SIL certification for the   2052 actuator is only relevant for the standard temperature ratings shown.2. Lockout and declutchable handwheel   cannot be used together on size 2 and size 3 actuators.3. Temperature range only applies when   using silicone diaphragm material. Silicone diaphragm is not available with   the top-mounted handwheel option.4. Temperature range requires use of   stainless steel bolting for yoke and travel stops. Not available with   top-mounted handwheel.


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