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Welcome to purchase discount source industrial humidifier from our company, which is one of the best China industrial humidifier manufacturers and suppliers.Dust-reducing Sprayer - industrial humidifier, the high pressure micro fog equipment is developed by ourselves.Product Code: 201451093239Characteristics of ultra high pressure micro fog systemMist: Ultra high-pressure micro misting nozzles produced 50 million droplets per second, and the droplets diameter is just  in the range of 1 ~ 5μm. With rapid evaporation in the air, the formation of water steam take heat away .Energy saving: Atomization  of 1L water only consumes 6W power, equivalent to the amount of 7 kg ice melting. For cooling, it is better than the traditional air-conditioning with power saving of 80~90%, investment saving of 50~60%, less than 85% of maintenance costs. Humidification is 1%  of the traditional electro thermal humidifier and 10% of centrifugal or gas water mixing type humidifier.Reliability:  With intelligent temperature and humidity of the central automatic detection and control, the complete sets of equipment can achieve a number of automatic control, such as the temperature and humidity, water pressure, water, power, constant pressure control. And this guarantees long-term stable and effective operation.Hygienism: It will not lead to the reproduction of bacteria as the ultra high pressure water mist system is in the use of sealed non circulation. Micro fog: Micro fog is huge and freely combine with each other. The output flow ranges from 100kg/h~1600kg/h.Widely application: In addition to the industrial equipment cooling and humidifying, it is also widely used in pressure dust, dust control greenhouse and many other industrial areas , such as air humidification and community, parks, gardens, villas and area landscape  etc.The misting nozzle (1#-10#) ) can be chose according to the different use of the projects.Function: Constant voltage frequency conversion system control , controllable electric auxiliary heating function Control system: The control system can be selected according to the actual application of customers. Auxiliary function can choose the time automatic control, temperature/humidity intelligent control, infrared induction control, remote control and so on.System protection: The control cabinet is with stainless steel water tank,  and it has automatic protection function of water and electricity cut-off.Water pressure: 4 ~ 7MPa Atomization effect: 1umPerformance and characteristics:* Subtle atomization , smoke-like, humidification, rapid cooling , low power consumption.* Microcomputer time control, small size, easy operation, automatic


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