Stainless Steel Cryogenic Ball Valve

Cryogenic Series 3-Piece is based on our Triad valve available with various end connections including threaded, socket weld and butt weld. The Flanged Cryogenic valves are based on our F15/ F30 line.With high density TFM-1600 seats and seals throughout, the valve is rated for -425°F service.Standard FeaturesExtended stem and bonnet to position the stem packing above the cryogenic fluid and providing a column of warmer vapor that insulates the stem seal from the affects of low temperatures.High-density TFM-1600 seats and seals throughout valve enables the valve to be rated to down -425°F service.The cryogenic valve is based on the Flow-Tek Triad Series, stainless steel, three-piece valve with threaded and socket weld ends and the two-piece F15 flanged end valve designs.Valve is unidirectionalwith vent holes in both the stem slot and the upstream face of the ball. This prevents the cold liquids from becoming trapped in the valve.Each valve is permanently marked with a flow direction arrow to prevent incorrect installation.Live-loaded stem packing that provides self-adjustment to the stem packing is included at the top of the extension.Stem primary seal and bearing are located near the packing end of the extended stem thus keeping these parts from the low temperatures and providing a blow-out proof stem design.Valves are specially cleaned to remove all grease and oils that may react with the service media. Each valve after cleaning is packaged and sealed in a heavy poly bag to keep the valve clean until installation.


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