Oblique Type Lining Globe Valve

Product Type: Globe ValveProduct Name:Oblique type Lining Globe Valve Product Details:Place of Origin: ChinaCertification: ISO9001-CEProduct Description1. Operation methods: manual, gear, electric, pneumatic.2.High and middle pressure flanged globe valve is applicable to various of working pipelines such as petroleum, chemical pharmacy, fertilizer, power station and city construction accessory to shut off or connect pipeline medium. 3. It complies with advanced standards at home or abroad as required, having reliable sealing ability, good performance and beautiful shape. 4. It follows Fe–base alloy or stellite Co-base hard alloy overlay for disc, seat sealing face, with anit-wearing, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, anti-scratching and long duration. 5. The stem has good corrosion resistant, anti-scratching and anti-wearing after material adjustment and surface nitrogenization.6. It may use all kinds of flange fittings standards and sealing and type to meet any project need and end-user's requirements. 7. With complete range of body material, the packing and gasket may choose the reasonable type according to actual working condition or customer's requirement which is useful to all pressure, temperature and service condition.8. Good Sealing performance, long service life , non-restricted flowing direction of medium


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