Welcome to purchase discount source desuperheater from our company, which is one of the best China desuperheater manufacturers and suppliers.DesuperheaterAttemperator of high temperature and high pressure Product Code: 20146271004 Main features1)  Using vortex nozzle, atomization effect is good;2)  For cylindrical valve core, have U oblique incision, cylindrical linear adjustment into the nozzle flow and number of nozzles in the open, to achieve the purpose of precise control of desuperheating water flow;3)  The desuperheater uses graphite ring, because the valve core (no metal ring), won't cause the nozzle sleeve wear and leakage in CLASS V;4)    Because of desuperheating water flow by slope adjustment valve core, not because the original piston ring wear after desuperheating water flow is not controllable, valve core and valve seat sealing surface hardened processing at the same time, can improve the service life;5)  Valve core, the seat designed to change structure, spare parts replacement is convenient, low maintenance cost;6)  The scheme for the positive effect, high pressure steam backflow will not happen, the attemperator is suitable for the operation condition of the steam load change is big, the adjustable vortex nozzle, water into a conical divergence of atomization.Application1) Integrated structure, realizes the tightly closed to regulate water flow reduction with u-shaped groove oblique incision plunger valve core, at the same time;2)Adjust the opening number of nozzle, in order to achieve the best effect of atomization and accurately regulate water flow reduction of modular design, to maintain it.Standard specificationsBody materialASTM/A182 - F347, A182 -  making, A105Valve ratingANSI 150 # ~ 2500 #CALDN40 - DN250Leakage levelANSI Class V or zero leakageFlow characteristiclinearThe suitable operating mode working condition of high temperature and high pressure steam cooling, is mainly used in power stations, petrochemical and other high pressure steam boiler superheated steam in the system of the precise temperature control


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