High Pressure Control Valve

Welcome to purchase discount source high pressure control valve from our company, which is one of the best China high pressure control valve manufacturers and suppliers.High pressure control valve -Orifice plate control valveProduct Code: 2014516161155 Performance:Nominal pressure (Mpa) 25/32 Nominal diameter (mm)  20 /32 /50Strength test pressure (Mpa)                  36.8/38.5Stem travel (mm)                   25/30/40Differential pressure (Mpa)                  5-16/4-4.6The design flow rate (T/h)                  0-12/35-40Applicable medium Boiler feed water The temperature                160~350℃ApplicationThis high pressure control valve is used in boiler feed water pipe for Ⅰ, Ⅱ attemperator of superheated steam temperature adjustment. Valve is suitable for the water temperature is 350 ℃ or less and the intrinsic flow feature of equal percentage, the adjusting range is wide, the valve is closed without leakage, in automatic control of high sensitivity, low adjusting temperature deviation, etc. This also applies to turbine high and low pressure bypass valve hydraulic adjustment, reheater trace water adjustment, water regulation and desuperheating decompression accident.Main dimension and connection size:Nominal pressure (Mpa) Nominal pressure (mm) d D L H1 H2 20 20 28 300 58 245 25/32 32 30 42 300 106 252 50 50 76 400 125 305 Main parts material :Namevalve body valve seat valve clack Cage cover valve rod material Forged steel 25 2Cr13 Cobalt base 17-4PH 17-4PH


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