Guitar Pickup Alnico Magnet

Guitar puickup Alnico MagnetAlnico Magnet is made primarily from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper,iron and sometimes hard and brittle. Machining or drilling cannot therefore be accomplished by ordinary methods. HolesAmong all available magnetic material, alnico magnet has high magnetic flux density and excellent working temperature. So they are widely used in instruments, autombile, teaching and electronicsThere are two different manufacturer process for Alnico:Cast and Sintered. Guitar Pickup Alnico Magnet usually produce by Cast waAlnico Magnet Characteristics are as follows:      GradeBrHc(BH)maxCurie tempWork tempmT GSka/m OEkj/m3 MGOeLN10600/600040/50010.00/1.20810450LNG12700/700044/55012.00/1.50810450LNG13680/680048/60013.00/1.63810450LNG18900/900048/6001800/2.25850450LNG371200/1200048/60037.00/4.63860525LNG401250/1250048/60040.00/5.00860525LNG441250/1250052/65044.00/5.50860525LNG521300/1300056/70052.00/6.5860525LNG601330/1330060/75060.00/7.5860525LNGT18580/580090/113018.00/2.25860550LNGT301100/1100056/70030.00/3.75860550LNGT32800/8000100/125032.00/4.00860550LNGT38800/8000110/138038.00/4.75860550LNGT44850/8500120/150040.00/5.5860550LNGT48900/9000120/150048.00/6.00860550General information about Guitar Pickup Alnico MagnetSize:By customizedShape:Bar,Block,Disc,Ring or by customizedMOQ:10pcsPackage:33X26X23CM Standard export PackageDelivery time:25-30days


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