Motor Permanent SmCo Magnet

Motor SmCo MagnetMotor SmCo magnet is a rare earth metal samarium and cobalt-based strategy elements, with iron, copper, zirconium, praseodymium and other metal materials ratio of melting into the alloy.Grinding, pressing, sintering and aging made the SmCo magnet with higher magnetic properties (high energy product, high coercivity, high remanence).Motor SmCo Mgnet Characteristics are as follows:GradeBRHcBHcJBH(Max)Curie tempWork tempAlloy seriesMT GsKA/m OeKA/m OeKJ/m3 MgoeºCºCSmCo18800800064080001430 18000144187502501:5SmCo20850 8500640 80001590 2000016020750250SmCo229009000650820014301800017622750250SmCo24980 980067685001430 18000192248003002:17SmCo26L1050 10500410 5150432 543020826800300SmCo261000 10000726 90001194 1500020826800300SmCo26M100010000716 900015902000020826800300SmCo28103010300760 95001430 1800022428800300SmCo28H1030 10300760 95001590 2000022428800300SmCo30H110011000480 60005607000240 30800300The general information of Motor SmCo Magnet are as follows:Specification:By customizedTolerance:+/-0.05mm or by customizedShape:Segment,Disc,Ring,Block,CylinderPackage:33X23X26CM Standard export Package


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