Refrigerant R22 In 13.6kg Disposable Cylinder For Air Conditioner

R22R22 is a colorless gas under ordinary temperature and a colorless & transparent liquid under the pressure of itself,Website:, Vnon-toxic & inflammable with the excellent thermo-stability and chemical stability, unable to erode metals and it is a  refrigerant for low temperature to ﹣80℃ below. Used in reciprocating compressor, as refrigerant in industrial, commercial and household air-condition system; Also used to produce insecticide and aerosol for spraying paint; To produce V extinguishing agent 1211; As the basic material to produce a wide variety of fluorinated macromolecular compounds.Properties:IndexUnitR22Chemical formulaCHClF2Molecular weightg/mol86.5Freezing point℃-146Boiling point℃-40.8Specific gravity (25℃ liquid)g/m31.194Vapor pressure (25℃)MPa1.04Critical temperature℃96Critical pressureMPa4.98Critical densityg/cm31.221Vapor heat at boiling pointKJ/kg233.5Water solubility (25℃)W%0.30Specific heat (25℃ liquid )KJ/kg.k1.400ODP0.05GWP0.03Specification:AppearanceColorless and clearnessOdorNo strange stenchPurity, % by weight % ≥99.90Moisture, ppm by weight% ≤10Acidity, ppm by weight % ≤1Evaporation residue, ppm by weight % ≤100Chlorides(Cl-) test % ≤0.0003No condensable gas (V/V) % ≤1.5Packing:13.6kg/22.7kg/950kg net weights  cylinders & ISO tank .


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