PVDF Li-battery

PVDF Li-battery Grade FTH-223CharacteristicPropertiesSpecificationASTM Test standardAppearanceWhite and semi-transparent pellets/Density(g/cm3)1.74~1.77ASTM D792, @23/230CSolubilitySolution clear and transparent, no impurities300C, 1hour1g/10ml NMPRotation Viscosity(Mpa.s)≥2001g/10ml NMP, 300CIntrinsic Viscosity(dl/g)1.0-2.0DMA, 300CWater absorption (%)≤0.1Karl FisherMelting point(0C)165~175ASTM D3418,100C/minCrystallizing heat(0C)140/Surface resistivity(Ohm/square)≥1.1014ASTM D257/Din 53483Volume resistivity (OhmNaNe)≥1.1014ASTM D257/Din 53483Process safety instructions• λ PVDF has good fire resistance and smoke inhibition property, however, when meets with fire, it will release toxic hydrogen fluoride gas and fluorocarbon compounds;• λ Operators should take good care of personal protection during the use procedure and processing.Packaging and storage• λ PVDF is sealed in plastic bag with 25kg net weight per bag and then put into drum.• λ It must be stored in clean, cool, dry place.


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