17.72 Inches Clear Glass Water Bong

Color:Clear and Orange ,Black AssortedDimenstions:Approx 17.72 Inches in Height / Glass Tube 50mm in diameter / Base 110mm in diameterJoint Size:18mm FemaleGlass Thickness:5mmWeight:Approx 1.61LB(730g)Materlal:Permium-Grade Borosillicate glassPercolator:Heliciform Shape Perc 130mm in LengthA very unique looking bong from the brand 'SmokDitrots' that can be modified in many ways. This is from the build a bong set so you can add extra sections and percolators in the future. The name coolbong comes from the top removable piece that can be unclipped and left in a freezer, the liquid inside it freezes and creates an amazing taste as the smoke passes through it. Another unique feature on this is the double diffuser downpipe. It is basically a downpipe inside another downpipe, both featuring diffuser slits! If you want something extra special that will give the smoke a taste like no other, this is the one for you.    


至: ChengDu Longrunguanlian Trading Co,.Ltd
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