T Iron Powder Core

Material NumberReference PermeabilityTemp.Coef.of Perm(+ppm/℃)Coef.of in Expand(+ppm/℃)Color Code-185538511Green/Red-267582512Yellow/White-527565012Green/BlueCompositeIron powderTemperature EffectsThe working temperature of iron powder core is between -65℃-125℃.When the working temperature rises than 150℃,Website:http://www.hz-careful.com,the organic adhesive will begin to decompose,resulting in the degradation of the device’s performance and shortening of devices’s life.The severity of the degrading depends on the time,temperature,size of the iron powder core,working frequency and the flux density.Applications:      High frequency chokes      Output chokes for switching power supplies      Conducted EMI noise filters      Pulse transformers      DC output/inpit chokes      Light dimmer chokes      Power factor correction inductorsSize:      6.48x3.05x2.44      6.73x2.67x4.83      7.11x3.84x3.25      7.8x3.84x3.25      8.31x4.29x4.01      9.53x5.21x3.25      10.2x5.21x4.14      11.2x5.28x4.04      12.7x7.7x4.83      12.7x7.7x9.53      14.6x6.93x6.68      15.2x8.53x5.94      17.5x9.4x6.35      18.3x7.11x6.6      20.2x12.6x6.35      22.9x14x9.53      26.9x14.5x11.1      More size,pls contact us for details


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