Waterproof Membrane Switches

Membrane switches also called membrane keypads have very widely application and also have many different using environment. For example in wet environment, in outdoor under sunshine UV and bad weather of rain, boat sailing on the sea etc. Then a waterproof and anti-UV membrane keypads are necessary for such kind of special application.LUPHITOUCH manufactured waterproof membrane keypads can meet IP67 and NEMA-4 waterproof standard. For outdoor using, especially exposed under the sunshine UV, an anti-UV membrane keypads are also necessary. The common membrane keypads can be easily damaged by strong ultraviolet rays. Although no impact to the function, but the graphic overlay will be become ugly and the printed graphics can be faded in a not long time.In LUPHITOUCH we use anti-UV PET materials for outdoor using membrane keypads. For example the Autotex XE series materials. For waterproof keypads, we can design a waterproof frame on the membrane keypads to prevent the water going into the circuit. Also can use rubber keypad wrapped the PCB circuit and use seal the connection circle.In these special environment application, the anti-UV and waterproof membrane keypads quality is very important. If the water went into the circuit it will cause your control board failure and then easy cause safety accidents. So a good supplier of such kind of membrane keypads is very important for your application.LUPHITOUCH's inner testing room can do the salt spray test, waterproof test, buttons life test, temperature and humidity test etc to assure our manufactured keypads quality.LUPHITOUCH also is an ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified factory, which can provide you high quality of such kind of membrane keypads for your special using environment.  


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