Open Hopper Single Screw Pump

Xinglong Open Hopper Pump has been designed to handle highly viscous materials, such as sludge, slurries, thick non-flowing pastes and de-watered sludge.This kind of pump consists of an enlarged rectangular inlet with a screw conveyor to assist viscous materials into the pumping element. Options are available to modify the inlet with either large diameter augers, integral bridge breakers or both.Performance Capacity0~ 160 m3/hPressure0~3.6MPaTemperature-10 up to 130°C  Application SludgeSlurriesThick non-flowing pastesDe-watered sludgeMeat puréesBentonite slurryPharmaceutical filter cakeChicken offalPotato waste slurryHighly viscous materialsThickened or concentrated sludgeCod-liver oilFish spawnSausage pasteslardCrushed fruitsMashed potatoesKetchupFeatures & Benefits●Provides a process efficient method of handling sludge with high solids content●Different design configurations to suit the application, dry solids approaching 40% can be handled when fitted with integral bridge breakers or large augers●Facilitates ease of maintenance through the simple design●Designed to run at relatively slow speeds to minimize damage to shear sensitive products●Can be supplied with a macerator, horizontally mounted onto the hopper, to assist solids reduction prior to pumping●Optimum solutions for various viscosities and characteristics of the conveying medium


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