Vegetables Vaccum Fryer Machine

17. vegetables chips vacuum fryer machineVegetable chips is refer to vegetable food with very low water content,Website:, which is obtained by taking fresh vegetable as main raw materials and edible plant oil as heat medium and adopting advanced technology, such as low-temperature vacuum frying to have the fresh vegetable quickly dehydrated. The vegetable chips have low oil content, brittle and non-greasy, keeping the original shape, color, fragrance and taste of vegetable, rich in various nutrient components, such as vitamins, minerals and fiber and have the characteristics such as low sugar, low salt, low fat and low caloric. Vegetable chips vacuum fryer is our new design for fruits, it can fry most fruits, such as carrots, peas, potato chips okra, mushrooms and so on. The vegetable chips vacuum fryer machine have different capacity, it is according to the customer’s requirement. XSD-30 VACUUM FRIERITEMSTECHINICAL SPECIFICATIONSDimensionL2600*W3200*H3200mm, diameter inner:Ф800mmWeight2000kgMaterialsVacuum kettle, tank, material cage is S304, food grade    stainless steel; pot reservoir portion externally applied insulation layer,    material: stainless steel matt board;H.P.15.5KWSteam    p essure0.25~0.4MpaUltimate    vacuum-0.095Mpa~-0.097 Mpa,test machine(no load)Work    temperature70~120℃(can be set)Control systemFull microcomputer automatic control (automatic / manual two tranches)De-oiling speed0~300rpm(can be set)De-oiling    methodDe-oil insideCapacity8kg/h (potato chips,thickness 4mm,temperature≤100℃) 24kg/k (potato chips,thickness 1.8mm, temperature≤120℃)The machineincludesWater circle vacuum unit assembly, one setAn external circulation heating system, using high-quality    304 stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger, one setFrequency conversion motor, one setPLC Microcomputercontrol system (manual / automatic)Cage material, two sets ,the volume is 110LFeed wagon, one setOperation manual


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