Nutrition Rice Processing Line

7. Nutrition rice processing line JINAN LWIN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD owns the production, sales, service as one of the company. The nutrition rice processing line use the rice power and add highly nutritional elements to produce the new rice. The nutrition rice process includes mixing, extruding and drying. The finished rice has original nutrition and other nutrients. The nutrition rice can be boiled and eaten like original rice. But the nutritional elements is more and enough for some people. Also it can improve the food level. The nutrition rice machine will be shipped in container to Port Qingdao China and need 30-45 days. The price is reasonable and good. We will arrange the complete the service after-sale to any place the customer.ModelInstalled powerConsumptionpowerOutputDimension sizeLW-85 Double   screw extruder line136kw110kw300-500kg/h24500×3000×5300mmLW-70 Double   screw extruder line126kw82kw180-300kg/h24000x1500x2200mm


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