Medium Pressure Triple Screw Pump

Xinglong triple screw pump has 3 screws and 1 insert, a start driving screw connected to the motor, two start idler screws symmetrically arranged on both sides of the driving screw. The four parts are assembled together to form a sealed cavity which is isolated from each other, and the suction chamber of the pump is separated from the discharge chamber. The liquid is smoothly conveyed axially from suction chamber to the discharge chamber when screws rotate. As a result in the suction chamber, the volume increases, the pressure drops, the liquid is absorbed under pressure difference and is delivered axially to the discharge chamber. It can deliver different liquids with lubrication, without particles or corrosion features, is widely applied in machinery, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, shipbuilding and building material fields for hydraulic, lubrication, fuel conveying functions. And it is a preferred substitute for centrifugal pumps, gear pumps and reciprocating pumps in some applications.Features ◆ It is applicable to conveying of media free from solid particles ◆ Continuous conveying, small pressure pulsation ◆ Low noise, long service life ◆ Strong suction capacity ◆ Compact structure, small volume, light weight ◆ It can be directly driven by motor or other power ◆ No foam or vortex in the conveying process ◆ It can be used for conveying of high viscosity and high temperature mediaConveying Medium ◆ Medium viscosity: 3-760 mm²/s ◆ Medium temperature: ≤250℃ ◆ The pump applied to the media containing solidified matters should be specifiedMultiple Configurations ◆ Materials: Different metal materials can be selected ◆ Drive: Motor drive, motor speed regulation or other drive types


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