HCRB/ HCRBC Series Cross Cylindrical Roller Bearing

HCRB/HCRBC crossed roller bearing standard type is a bearing with thinnest possible inner and outer rings because the outer ring is split while the inner ring is integrated into the main body.Identification numberMain dimensions(mm)Mounting dimensions (mm)HCRBCHCRBWeightWith cageFull Complementinner  ringouter diameter DwidthChamferr (min)daDaBasic dynamic load rating C (KN)Basic static load rating Co (KN)Basic dynamic load rating C (KN)Basic static load rating Co (KN)(Kg)dBHCRBC 4010HCRB 40104065100.344544.285.145.988.040.15HCRBC 5013HCRB 50135080130.6557110.712.614.218.40.29HCRBC 6013HCRB 60136090130.6648111.614.615.421.50.33HCRBC 7013HCRB 701370100130.6759112.316.71725.50.38HCRBC 8016HCRB 801680120160.68610718.225.524.337.50.74HCRBC 9016HCRB 9016901301619811819.428.625.942.10.81HCRBC10020HCRB 1002010015020110813431.545.139.461.11.45HCRBC11020HCRB 1102011016020111814433.550.741.266.71.56HCRBC 12025HCRB 12025120180251.513216447.770.559.995.42.62HCRBC13025HCRB 13025130190251.514017249.274.86199.82.82HCRBC 14025HCRB 14025140200251.515118350.779.264.11082.96HCRBC15025HCRB 15025150210251.516019253.887.7651133.16HCRBC15030HCRB 15030150230301.516620269.210885.91445.3HCRBC20025HCRB 2002520026025220823960.211075.31484HCRBC20030HCRB 200302002803022182621081781332346.7HCRBC20035HCRB 200352002953522212741372151682829.58


至: Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co., Ltd.
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