80KW Super Audio Frequency Induction Forging Equipment

80KW Super Audio Frequency Induction Forging EquipmentContents:Heating and forging is completed to heat whole metal,Website:http://www.lipai-induction.com, inner and outside. Only in this way can metal temperature be same. General purpose of this process is to forge. The processing temperature is around 1150 Celsius. Here is the work piece of bar. Bar is 45mm diameter and its length is 1200mm.It is required to be heated of 320mm in ends. What's more,150 per hour. Through calculation of choosing machine tape, machine tape is 200KW.This process cannot be finished by this equipment of 80KW machine. So, this is one example.All of our equipment can be matched with clients need. And put another way, machines of our company can be applied in a lot of areas. Take 80KW super audio frequency induction forging machine as a case. Induction equipment can be used to all kinds of high strength bolts, nuts, hot upsetting. A variety of axle, leaf springs, fork, air valve, rocker arm, ball stud and other auto accessories quenching. And all kinds of welding cutter, drill bits, drill pipe, coal drill, air drill and other mining equipment. All kinds of engine parts, gear parts surface hardening. Various pliers, knives, scissors, axes, hammers and other hand tools. All kinds of PDC drill welding and gears, sprockets, shaft quenching, carbide blade, blade welding.It is particularly to be applied in the field of round steel forging under 45mm diameter. Besides, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers and axes can be heated by this 80KW induction forging machine. The fields that the device can be used are numerous.Specifications:tapeWH-VI-80Cooling  water pressure0.1-0.3mpwork  powerthree  phase380V/50HZhost  weight85kgwork  current342V-430Vtransformer  weight90kgmaximum  input current165Ahost  configuration dimensions650×520×1100maximum outout  current120KVAtransformer  shape dimension500×800×580oscillation  frequency15-35KHZhost colorbule/whiteefficiency100%transformer  colorbule/whitecontinuous  load rate100%particularly  recommendedautomobile,camshaft,metal  heatingcooling water  flow28Lmin/0.1Mpatemperature  protection20℃Advantages:1. Solid state IGBT inverter technology is made in induction hot forging generator with high efficiency and high output power.2. It is modular design while it is simple installation with easy operation and no debugging.3. Protection function, high reliability and easy maintenance are also made in this forging machine.4. It is easy to install on the production line, easy to implement mechanization and automation and ease of management while it can effectively reduce the transport, saving manpower and increase production efficiency.5.80kw super audio frequency induction forging equipment uses the resonant frequency technology that can enables the device overall efficiency of above 95% with high efficiency.Package:1. On the outside, packing fumigation wooden cases.2. Inside part, packing plastic film.3. Induction coil is packaged inside.After-sale:Trusted brands of LiPAI and outstanding team of members enable to offer superior manufacturing quality and extraordinary delivery service support. Responsible team of technician is available any time of the day or night and able to provide quick response to our customers wherever they are. And experienced employees give the ability to handle large orders or volume increases while maintaining our commitment to quality, service and delivery. Strong staffs can be qualified to address customers issues and emergencies while they can provide appreciate solutions.


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