Costal Steel Rebar Strong Track Machine

Costal steel Rebar Strong Track MachineObjective: ordinary carbon steel base plate for the inaction, after strong rolling line frequency heating induction stabilization treatment, control of the shears and a series of processes, produced by the reinforcement of the performance indicators such as: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation until three steel that level hrb400 reinforcement. According to the mechanical strength of the material, etc. instead of principle, it can replace three steel use. And the appearance of shiny blue, with a layer of rust-mass density, ribbed clear and full, rolling through strength, formation of grain refinement strengthening material, lattice dislocation strengthening, strengthening lattice take, but also produce hardening and internal stress, then, combined with rapid-line heat treatment, in order to achieve a stable organization, eliminate stress and work hardening purposes. The material obtained excellent mechanical properties.Production line consists of: discharge rack - phosphorus stress relief money rolling machine - reducing vertical mill - mill cleanup - after rolling straightening machine - Automatic stacker - circulating water cooling system – console. 


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