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Copper forging complete equipmentThere are many electric wire factories, copper material processing plants, copper handicrafts processing plants at home and abroad. After the induction heating, copper billets will be extruded and molded into copper wires, copper rods and cooper pipes, etc. Zhengzhou Gou’s Electromagnetic Induction Heating Equipment Co., Ltd generally selects the appropriate frequency induction heating equipment on the basic of cooper billet’s diameter, in order to meet customers’ requirements.A foreign customer demanded to do the copper rods heating. According to material requirements that the customer put forward, the material of copper rod is copper of "tup" and copper of 68. And its material diameter is "63mmx250mm", and an copper rod’s weight is 7kg. Its productivity is that each piece is produced 3mm. And Cu tup the heating temperature of "tup" copper is 900 ℃, while that of copper 68 is 800 ℃. According to the above customer requirements, we chose medium frequency power equipment with max output power of 200 kw and frequency of 5 khz.The induction heating equipment is automatically operated, which has a temperature measuring device, measuring the temperature of copper rod during the progress of heating. And the equipment is to control production tact with time relay. When starting to feed, firstly the head of temperature detector leaves the rods and is turned with an angle. The operation of feed shedders is as follows: Copper rods are pushed into the sensor. Heated rods was launched from sensor to fell on the track; Then the track rods are transferred to the end of the track; Ejector machine rises and overthrows the rods into the discharge chute; rods rolled extruded on an extruder; In the progress of transmission, feed shedders returns and feed chutes roll copper rods at the same time, to prepare for the next lower feed. While the head of temperature detector is entered into the position of temperature measuring for contacting the end of the rods, finally to complete the operation access to material.Our customers used medium frequency induction furnace. So that we can see that the induction furnace has fast heating speed, short heating time, high efficiency and particularly significant energy-saving effect. Besides, it can save 20% higher than the annealing furnace, and save energy of 40% than resistance furnace, improving the working environment. More importantly, it does not produce smoke and soot. 


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