Sell:zinc sulphate monohydrate.CAS: 7446-19-7

Product name:              Zinc sulphate Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate

CAS NO:                   7446-19-7

Molecular Formula:          ZnSO4·H2O

Molecular Weight:           179.4869

Appearance:                White powder

Purity:                      Zn 35% Packing:                   Plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag, net weight 25kg.

Loading capacity of 20GP    25MT

Hazardous Grade:           Not a DOT controlled material

Place of origin                         Hubei Province, China

Annual output                         20000MT

Delivery Port                           Yangsi Port, Wuhan City or China Main port


Zinc Sulphate feed grade Quality Standard (our company) (HG2934-2000)




≥ 35%

Arsenic As

≤ 0.0005% (5PPM)

 Lead   (Pb) Pb

≤ 0.001% (10PPM)

Cadmium  Cd

≤ 0.001% (10PPM)

POWDER SIZE ( 250um)

≥ 99%



It is mainly used as nutritional additive in animal feed and fertilizer in agriculture.It is also used in synthetic fiber industry, preservative, material of printing and dyeing and be used in medical for fungicide and emetic, and in electroplate, water purification etc.



Dry and hermetic.


至: Wuhan Gains Chemical CO.,LTD
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