FRP Grating Fence

FRP Grating Fences Keep Workers Away From Danger

Safety Fences need to be set around the high-pressure equipment and the bulk storage tanks, and because SARE company'sFRP gratings are insulated, corrosion resistant, colorful and easy to install, they are the ideal material for this kind of places. In addition, they are also can be used as windows and fences in corrosive environment of chemical factories.

Several pieces of yellow FRP grating panels make up a FRP fences together with several yellow FRP posts.

FRP grating safety fence's weight is lighter than steel fence, and it is also easier to install.

Dark grey FRP panels made up a FRP grating safety fence.

grating safety fences can help separate independent places, so as to stop outsiders to enter.

The regular size of FRP grating fences:

Item No.Thickness (mm)Mesh size (mm)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg/m2)
SAREF-1 13 38 × 38 1220 × 3660 6.5
SAREF-2 15 50 × 50 2000 × 2000 5.5
SAREF-3 28 100 × 50 1500 × 2000 9.5

Other dimensions of FRP grating fences are also on demand according to your request.

FRP gratings' shining points as safety fences:

  • Light weight.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Fire retardant.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Ultraviolet protection.
  • Electrical insulation.
  • Rich colors.
  • Anti-aging.

FRP grating safety fences are widely applied to power plants, petroleum and chemical industries, where there are many large machines needed to be separated from workers, so as to let the workers get away from the dangerous and corrosive factors.

Several pieces of thick FRP gratings made up a fence wall with brick pillars

Thick FRP grating fences have long service life and they don't need maintenance after installation.

Red FRP grating safety fences with added height and red posts stand on the ground.

FRP grating safety fences with added height can prevent the climbing of people.


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