Dust Catcher

Technical Advantage:
Pulse bag filter with big capacity of air volume, little resistance during operation, stable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, high efficiency of dust collection (more than 99%), and other characteristics, reasonable process program can satisfy all kinds of mining equipment in bad environment running smoothly.

Operating principle:
When dust gas from the air inlet into the dust settling chamber, first met air inlet partition, the air will turn into ash bucket, and at the same time, air velocity slow down because of inertia effect, make gas coarse particle dust directly into ash bucket. The hopper of the air fold and upward through the internal equipped with metal frame filter bag dust collection which was arrested in the outer surface of the filter bag, after purification, the gas get into the top of filter bag chamber clean room, packed into the diffuser discharge, dust gas through the filter bag purification process, get along with the increase of time and product are attached to the filter bag, the filter bag increase more and more, the resistance of air gradually reduce, to work and control the resistance within a certain range (140-170 mm water column), it is necessary to filter bag to clear grey, clear ash by pulse control instrument sequence trigger the control valve open pulse valve, air compressed air bags by spray torch each hole scriptures's tube injection to the corresponding filter bag, make product rapid expansion attached on the surface of filter bag dust fall off, filter bag for regeneration. Clear the dust fall into the hopper, the ash discharge system from the body. Which product is attached on the filter bag dust cycle to pulse blowing ash removal, purge gas through normal, ensure the normal operation of dust removal system.

Application: It is widely used in cement, metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials, food, machinery, carbon black, electric power, garbage incineration.

Material: Granite, basalt, diabase, shale, quartz, pebble, limestone, iron ore, coal gangue, non-ferrous metal ore, pebbles, etc

Model Air volume
Filtration area 
Air speed
Filter bag
Filter bag number Pulse valve fans+unload+spiral
DMC-25 1200~1920 20 1.0~1.6 φ130×2000 25 5 1.5+0.75
DMC-32 1500~2400 25 1.0~1.6 φ130×2000 32 5 2.2+0.75
DMC-36 1680~2680 28 1.0~1.6 φ130×2000 36 6 2.2+0.75
DMC-49 2340~3740 39 1.0~1.6 φ130×2000 49 7 3.0+0.75
DMC-64 3060~4896 51 1.0~1.6 φ130×2000 64 8 5.5+0.75
DMC-80* 12000~16800 80 2.5~3.5 φ130×2500 80 10 15+0.75
DMC-104 6032~9500 104 1.0~1.6 φ130×2500 104 13 30+0.75
DMC-104* 15600~21840 104 2.5~3.5 φ130×2500 104 13 15+0.75+4
DMC-112 6720~10752 112 1.0~1.6 φ130×2500 112 14 45+0.75
DMC-120* 18000~25200 120 2.5~3.5 φ130×2500 120 15 22+0.75+4
DMC-160 9600~15360 160 1.0~1.6 φ130×2500 160 20 75+0.75+4
DMC-160* 24000~33600 160 2.5~3.5 φ130×2500 160 20 37+0.75+4
DMC-184* 27600~38640 184 2.5~3.5 φ130×2500 184 23 37+0.75+4
DMC-200* 30000~42000 200 2.5~3.5 φ130×2500 200 25 37+0.75+4
DMC-224* 33600~47040 224 2.5~3.5 φ130×2500 224 28 37+0.75+4
DMC-264* 39600~55440 264 2.5~3.5 φ130×2500 264 33 55+0.75+4
DMC-304* 45600~63840 304 2.5~3.5 φ130×2500 304 38 55+0.75+4


至: 上海山卓重工机械有限公司
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