DSHX-50 Drilling Machine

  1. APPLICATIONS: Geological drilling for railroad, highway, bridge tunnel, foundations of power station, Civil and industrial buildings, also drilling anchoring hole and blasting hole etc.
  2. FEATURES:Spindle type mechanical transmission, hydraulic feed.Hydraulic retracting lets drill body away from the drilling hole.Hydraulic chuck, hand-powered chuck and hand-powered cylinder chuck, they are exchangeable.Friction hoist, percussion drilling, easy to pull and push casing if equipped with vibrator.Advanced design, reasonable arrangement, compact structure, beautiful looking.Light weight, good detachability, easy to operate.Equipped with special 6mA type derrick for user ordering.


Technical   Specifications


    final hole dia (mm)




    drilling capacity (m)




    angle range




    spindle speeds (r/min)




    max torque (Nm)




    spindle max pull force (KN)




    spindle stroke (mm)




    max hoist lift force with single rope (KN)




    Oil pump


    CB3-10-CFPL gear oil pump


    Power unit


    diesel engine


    Changchai diesel 195 2000r/min 8.8KW


    electric motor


Y130M-4;1440r/min 7.5KW


    drill body weight(Excluding power)




    overal dim (L×W×H)(mm)





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