DSHY-30 Hydraulic Exploration Drill Rig For Mountainous Area

  DSHY-30 Hydraulic Exploration Drill   RigFor Mountainous Area



 DSHY-30 Hydraulic Exploration Drill Rig for   mountainous area is a type of portable, hydraulic exploration drill rig for   explosive drilling, which is mainly used for DTH drilling,DTH drilling for   hard rock, basket bit or auger boring for surface soil. The drill rig is   designed and developed based on absorbing the advantage of various kind of   drill rigs from domestic and foreign countries, to meet the needing of   explosive drilling.



1           Have reasonable specifications to assure efficient   drilling;

2           Hydraulic transmission. It is simple and advanced, easy   to operate and maintain;

3           The hydraulic components are from famous hydraulic   components companies of all over world, there are two-stage filtering to   assure the reliability of hydraulic system.;

4           Have reasonable and advanced arrangement;

5           Light weight, good detachability, easy to move, assembly   and maintain.


Main Technical Details





(Hole dia.)


Φ75 mm (¢75 mm)


(Hole depth)




    Drilling method


(Hard rock)


(Air DTH)




(Basket bit or auger boring)


700 N.m


    Rated speed


53 r/min




1700 mm


12 KN


    Feed and hoisting speed


0 – 0.254 m/s


    Rated pressure of hydraulic system


18 Mpa


    Power unit


(EM195AN-1 diesel motor)


(Rated power 8.46 KW)


    Dimension (L×W×H)


1740×1315×2820 mm        




    Total weight 420 kg (including power unit)


(Max. detachable weight 110     kg)


    Drilling tools


(Drill rod)


(¢42*1500mm with sunk joint)




(¢70 DTH, ¢75 bit)


    (Air compressor


(Air flow 3-4 cubic m./min)


(Air pressure 0.5-0.8 Mpa)




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