DSHY-2BT Drill Rig With Derrick


   DSHY-2BT is a kind of drilling machine of integration of drill body and mast for medium-shadow core drilling, it is suitable for drilling large dia. or small dia. hole with diamond bit or carbide tungsten bit, also for engineering exploration drilling, hydrographic drilling, drilling water well, and large dia. hole for engineering construction and drilling anchoring hole. The rig has function of raise-fall derrick, so can drill in any angle.



1         The rig has more gears(8 speeds) and reasonable speed range, low speed and large torque, wide application field;

2         It has two reverse speeds(45 r/min, 212 r/min) so as to handle accidents;

3         Large powered, can be equipped with diesel engine or electric motor;

4         Advanced design, reasonable arrangement, it is easy to maintain and repair it;

5         Small size, light weight and good detachability. It is easy to move, especially good for mountain region and water-net area;

6         Spindle stroke is 540 mm, it is good to improve drilling efficiency, decrease blocking and burning of drill bit;

7         Move smoothly, fix simply and firmly, drill stably in high speed ;

8         It uses twin-gear oil pump to supply oil, little power consumption and lower temperature of oil;

9         Few operation handles, reasonable arrangement, and operate easily and reliably;

10      The rig can drill in high-speed, and in low-speed as well;

11      It has often-closed upper oil chuck, and also lower man-powered mechanical chuck.


Main Specifications:


spindle   type core

drilling   rig

Drilling   capacity(m)

AQ   rod


BQ   rod


NQ   rod


42   rod


Spindle   speed(r/min)


57;   99; 157; 217; 270;

470; 742; 1024


45;   212





Spindle   stroke(mm)


Hoisting   force(single wire rope)(KN)


Inner   dia. Of spindle(mm)


Oil   pump

SCB32/12   twin gear pump

Power   unit

Electric   motor

Y180L-4   22 KW     1470r/min

Diesel   engine

395K2     19.85KW     1500r/min

Derrick   height(m)



Quantity   of pulley (pc)



Derrick   angle range


Overall   dimension(L×W×H)(mm)


Drill   weight(excluding power unit and derrick) (kg)




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