DSHY-80 Hydraulic Anchoring Drilling Rig

                          DSHY-80 Hydraulic   Anchoring Drilling Rig  



Applications:      DSHY-80 hydraulic anchoring drilling rig is mainly used   in treating the disaster of landslide, rockslide so on, also used in rock   anchoring, anchoring bar, strengthening retaining wall, supporting in deep   foundation pit, mini-pile hole drilling, hydrography well drilling and high   pressure jet-grouting for hydroelectric powerstation, communication, energy   and capital construction.    

Features:  ● Use   hydraulic transmission, the body is separated from power pack, operation desk   separately mounted, to lighten the drill body.  ● Main hydraulic components such as oil motor, oil pump, quick joint so on   are imported from US to make the drilling machine stable and reliable.  ● Equipped with hydraulic holder and hand powered unscrewer, to untighen the   drill rod easily.  ● Good detachability, easy moving, special for high place work; simple   design, compact arrangement, easy operation.  ● The top-head has large torque, wide range of speed, big pull force.

Technical Specifications


    Drilling capacity


    Hole dia Φ110mm,depth 100m


    Hole dia Φ200mm,depth 80m


    Type of hydraulic power pack


    Electric motor,varibale oil pump


    Hydraulic system rated pressure(Mpa)




    Top-head speeds(r/min)


    Series I




    Series II




    Top-head torque (N.m)


    Series I




    Series II




    Lift speed(m/s)




    Feed speed (m/s)




    Max pull force(N)




    Max feed force (N)




    Max stroke (mm)




    Drilling angle range(°)




    Overal dimension of drill body(L*W*H)(mm)/Weight(Kg)




    Dimension of power pack(L*W*H)mm/weight(kg)




    Dimension of operation desk(L*W*H)mm/weight(kg)




    Power unit(electric motor)















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