DSHY-30 Hydraulic Trunnel Drill Rig

                             DSHY-30 Hydraulic Trunnel Drill Rig    


Applications:      DSHY-30 drill rig is developed faced   drilling grouting hole in the tunnel of hydro-power station. It also can be   used for drilling hole of support, penetration-proof, blasting for rail way   and high way, and treatment of dangerous rock, hillside. It is suitable for   hard rock drilling with DTH.    


Main Features:

Reasonable   specifications, assure more efficiently drilling;


Fully hydraulic   drive, top-head rotation, feed and hoisting are done by ration pump and   ration motor which composite independent open hydraulic system, it is simple,   advance, easy to use and maintain;


The hydraulic   components are from world famous hydraulic manufacturers, two-step filtering,   to assure the reliability of the hydraulic system;


New art design,   reasonable arrangement;


Light weight, easy   to move, re-assembly and maintain, especially suitable for using for tunnel   and frame.


Main Specifications:


Drilling method:


DTH drilling


Drilling depth:


hole dia.: Φ75     mm       depth: 30 m


hole dia.:Φ91     mm         depth: 20 m


Drill rod:


Φ42 x 1000 mm rod     or Φ50 x 1000 mm


Mast height:


2270 mm




1400 mm




38~53 r/min


700 Nm




Feed and hoist     speed:


0 – 0.254 m/s


Hydraulic     system:


twin-gear pump,     ration motor Rated pressure: 20 Mpa


Power unit:


electric motor     Y160M-4 (speed: 1470 r/min; power: 11 kW)


Detachment weight:    


mast: 75 kg, top-drive head: 35 kg,


control panel: 40     kg, wheeled power station: 210 kg



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