DSHD-200 Sea Engineering Geological Exploration Drilling Rig

  1. DSHD-200 sea engineering geological exploration drilling rig is a top drive power head type drilling machine with long feeding stroke. It adopted advanced technique of adjustable rotary speed frequency changer and equipped with 8 m high derrick. It can be used to work under the condition of 80 m water depth and wind scale less than 5 grade. It is also used for water area geological exploration drilling and pile hole drilling in river or lake. Main set of drill can be used for drilling pile holes on land.
  2. 1) Top drive power head of drill adopts frequency changer to adjust rotary speed steplessly. It features long feeding stroke, compact structure, rational arrangement and wide regulating speed range. With the result that drilling machine can meet the demand of drilling in a great variety of complicated formation.2) Safety and reliable falling-resistant apparatus of top drive power head can ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.3) Feed micro-adjusting mechanism of drilling machine can ensure equipment and personal safety.4) Mechanization of break-out drill rods with hydraulic break-out apparatus reduces labor strength and increase drilling efficiency.5) Moving top drive power head rearward integrally ensures large floor space and convenient for frequently hoisting and lowering the drilling rod .6) Equipped with the advanced bottom sampling device, it can meet sampling demand in complicated formation.

3. Specifications:1) Hole diameter Ø75 - Ø220 mm2) Hole depth 200-80 m 3) Rod diameter Ø50 mm, Ø114 mm wire line core barrel4) Rotary speed of top drive power headLow speed range (forward and reverse)-233 r /minHigh speed range (forward and reverse) 16-540 r/min5) Feeding stroke of top drive power head 500 mm6) Electromotor power of top drive power head 22 kW7) Lifting capacity (single wire rope) of main hoist 30 kNLifting capacity (single wire rope) of auxiliary hoist 20 kN8) Mast height 8 m


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