DSHY-2L Powerful Crawler Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig


   DSHY-2L crawler mounted water well drilling rig is developed base on DSHY-2 Core Drilling Rig, integrating drilling rig, crawler, mast, mud pump and control panel into whole. The rig is a kind of drilling rig which is mainly used for drilling shallow-medium hole for minerals,engineering geological, hydro-geological, water well and pile grouting hole drilling, and especially for where mobility and set up time are imprtant. It is a type of integration and modular drilling equipment with quick migration.



2, Caterpillar walking, base support, mast landing are all driven by the hydraulic system of drilling rig, it is easy to operate;

Main Technical Specifications:



Drilling depth

100-350 m

Drilling hole caliber

300-76 mm

Spindle speed


65; 114; 180; 284; 310; 538;849;1172r/min


51; 242 r/min


2900 N.m


60 kN

Spindle stroke:

600 mm


30 kN

Inner dia. of spindle:

76 mm

Stroke of retraction cylinder:

304 mm

Distance away from hole

140 mm

Power unit (option):

Electric motor 22 kW; diesel engine 30 kW

Mud pump (option):



Crawler walking speed:


Track gradeability of crawler:

less 20°

Specific pressure of track ground:


Height of mast:

8 m

Hook hoisting load of mast:


Crane beam max. static load:


Pulley qty of crown block:

2 pcs

Angle of mast landing:

0°~ 90°

Overall dimension L*W*H

When transportation

4320*2104*2995 mm

When drilling

3816*2104*8536 mm

Whole weight:

About 3000 kg


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