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There are several methods of delivery of cargo from China - a marine, rail and air. His choice depends on the cost and delivery time. When it comes to container shipments, here it is more expedient to use the sea route, if the party is less likely to use that train. And if the cost is not much and it is needed urgently, here to help the airline, although this method of maximum costly. 
Sea container transportation 
30-45 days 
St-Pb; Novorossiysk; Moscow; Vladivostok, and others. 
Compared with other types of transport, shipping containers from China are much cheaper. Besides the safety of cargo in such a transport remains at a high level. Please note that we take all the risks and problems associated with transportation. If you want to know the exact cost of shipping a container from China, you must contact us by or submit your application online. The calculation of an individual in each case and the cost is affected by many factors. 
International freight rail 
20-29 days 
Guangzhou-Moscow; Guangzhou-Novosibirsk; Guangzhou-Ekaterinburg; Guangzhou-Irkutsk. From 2 to 6 $ / kg. 
Through rail transportation from China, we provide additional cargo insurance against all risks associated with transportation. 
To calculate the cost of the need to contact us on our contacts or leave zayavku.o 
Avia International Shipping 
7-10 Days 
Guangzhou-Ekaterinburg. From 9 to $ 12 / kg. 
We can offer you all kinds of cargo delivery from China to Russia, as a separate service, and as part of a comprehensive solution for the organization of the delivery of goods from China. 
This allows you to get goods to your warehouse without unnecessary problems.


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