Heavy Stone CNC Router 1218

Jinan Hopetool CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China heavy stone cnc router 1218 manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.htcnclaser.com, welcome to check cnc stone carving machine price with us. Heavy marble CNC engraving machine 1218 Characteristic 1.This machine is heavy duty structure type, with working area 1200*1800mm. leading Rack Drive, fast, high efficiency, airspeed can reach 35 m / min or more, against the wave plate is carved in manufacturing can be up to 20 m / min above the speed equivalent to the purchase of 4 -- 5 ordinary type machines. 2. intelligent protection work table: Prevention of misoperation or software errors, and so on the surface may cause damage. Intelligent processing of crossborder protection: preventing processing format over the layout design of mechanical collision caused the phenomenon. 3. advanced DSP control handle, control automatically processing multiple levels 3 D. To carry out rapid, smooth 3D processing, carving or cutting. Offline operation can be realized. 4.the overall program structure welding tempering aging treatment, is not strong deformation. Gantrymobile, fixed working table can be arbitrary processing work table material. 5. suitable for a variety of materials processing large quantities of production. 6.Take the water cooling system for marble tool when works for marble ,granite ,stone and so on. Performance parameter number Description parameter 1 XYZ working area 1200*1800*300mm 2 Table size 1400*2800mm 3 XYZ travel positioning accuracy ±0.01mm 4 XYZ repositioning positioning accury ±0.01mm 5 Table surface Aluminum molding 6 frame Tube structure 7 drive system X-Y axis Rack 8 drive system  Z axis Ball screw 9 Max power consumption 3/4.5KW 10 Max velocity 25m/min 11 Max working speed 15m/min 12 Spindle speed 0-24000rmp 13 work mode Stepper 14 Working voltage` AC220/380V 15 Command language G code 16 Interface USB or parallel port 17 Operating system Ncstudio or DSP 18 Flash memory 128 19 X-Y resolution <0.025mm 20 Software environment Wentai type3 artcam 21 Running environment Temperature:0-45℃ 22 Packing size 3300*1650*1350mm 23 Net weight 1300kg 24 Gross weight 1500kg Working sample


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