ESP Foma Cnc Router 2040

Jinan Hopetool CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China ESP foma CNC router 2040 manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, welcome to check ESP foma CNC router 2040 price with us. ESP Foam CNC router 2040Product Description Characteristic CE standard Controller: Syntec system made in Taiwan (option: OSAI system made in Italy) Driver: Yaskawa Servo system made in Japan Decelerator: ELSELE made in Germany Linear motion system: HIWIN Linear guide made in Taiwan for X/Y Axis. THK Linear guide made in Japan for Z Axis Inverter: DELTA  Inverter made Spindle: HSD 6.0 KW water- cooling spindle or China 7.5kw water-cooled spindle Electronic Parts:German Schneider Electronic Spare Parts Switch:Japanese OMRON Switch Lubrication system Powerful dust collect system Control box: air blast cooling ( high leakproofness, IP 65) With Switch on spindle for changing tool Dust cover for X and Y Axis. Add Guard plate for all the four sides. The plate in front and back can be pushed-and-pulled. There is adjustable point of support in the middle of the bed. We offer one set of Electrical diagrams, one set of CD, and some easy damaged spare parts. Performance parameter 1.Mould Industry: Engraving and Cutting large nonmetal mould. Especially for Auto Foam Mold,Aviation Wood Mold,Ship Wood Mold, Train Wood Mold and so on 2.Instrument Industry: Shaping large instrument and Engraving on the three-dimensional surface . No. Item Parameters 1 Working area X 2000mm (Option :2000 mm) Y 4000mm (Option: 5000 mm) Z 1000mm 2 Table Size 2000x4000mm Material HT250 3 Accuracy Working Accuracy ±0.05mm Repositioning Accuracy ±0.03mm Straightness for X,Y,Z ±0.05/300mm Verticality for X to Y 0.05/ m Verticality for Z to X,Y 0.03/m Straightness for table surface 0.05/500mm Verticality for spindle 0.1/300mm 4 Structure Table Structure Whole Cast Steel Transmission way of X,Y,Z XY with HIWIN Linear rail, Z with Ball screw 5 Speed Feed 1-10000mm/min Rapid feed rates X=12000mm/min Y=12000mm/min Z=10000mm/min 6 Spindle Spindle Power 6.0KW HSD air Coolant Spindle made in Italy Spindle Speed 100-10000 RPM /min Spindle taper ISO 40 Spindle Nose to Table Top 150-1150mm 7 Driver Japanese Yaskawa Servo motor 8 Working Voltage AC380V/50Hz 9 Commend Code G Code ,F/S Code Compatible 10 Operating System Syntec (Option : OSAI controller) 11 Net Weight 8000 KGS Working sample  


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