PVG Conveyor Belt

PVG whole core flame retardant conveyor beltSolid Woven Conveyor BeltConstruction Features and ApplicationsBelt load is carried by solid woven carcass,Website:http://www.yanzhoujiande.com, which is impregnated with PVC paste then protected with PVC or PVG covers. Solid woven belt has good firs resistance, anti-static properties. It has light weight, high elongation at break, good adhesion, high impact resistance, and high tear strength. It is suitable for underground coalmines as well as environments where flame resistant properties is required.Technical Reference TableProduct compositionWhole core flame retardant conveyor belt, rubber belt core classics by whole a dipping, plasticizing, coating transition layer, and then the rolling joint upper and lower cover glue, then through curing and cooling. Up and down the product cover are nitrile rubber, can be used in Angle in below 20 ℃ water wet, dry environment can get better application.Product rangeTensile strength: 500~4000N/mm Belt width(mm): 500~2000mm.Features & Benefits1)High tenacity skeleton materialwhole core conveyor belt skeleton materials using a variety of chemical fiber high tenacity and high quality, using the company advanced weaving structure, special multi-layer weave structure combined into an organic whole, in order to achieve high tenacity and horizontal tear resistance, with the weight is light, saves the transportation of electricity.2)Advanced impregnation technologyOur whole core zone dipping technology, can make the PVC paste full penetration in the whole belt core impregnation process, so the paste and the whole belt core can form a whole, guarantee the impact resistance performance of the conveyor belt.3)Performance of the rubber coverPVG whole core conveyor belt cover glue formula performance is excellent, in under the premise that guarantee safety performance also has excellent physical performance, best can give conveyor belt bearing layer of protection.4)Excellent flame retardant performancePVG whole core conveyor belt can excellent flame retardant performance can ensure company whole core conveyer belt used in coal mine safety.


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