Aluminium Honeycomb Sandwich Panel with Marine Grade 5052 Aluminium Alloy

                  Product Description      1.Surface Material: Aluminum(3003H24 or 5052H14),Website:, Formica(A2 fireproof sheet), Fiberglass, Stone 2.Aluminum Core: 3003H24, 5052H14 3.Coating: PVDF, Polyester 4.Color: Any color  5.Size:(1) Width: Within 2000mm (2) Length: Within 6000mm 6. Delivery: 5-15 days. 7. Payment term: T/T, L/C at sight etc.The surface of ONEBOND aluminum honeycomb panels are made of aluminum alloy plates roller coated with PVDF while in the milddle are the aluminum honeycombs which meets the international earonautical standards. This product is specially make with the cold-glue and hot-press technology.The structural honeycomb core provides strength and consistent rigidity at a very low desity; When bonded to similarly lightweight facings. Every honeycomb cell wall acts like the web of an I-Beam, forming an extremely strong and rigid lightweight composite panel.ONEBOND honeycomb panel is an aluminum sandwich-type panel with high rigidity and extremely low weight. It is the ideal material for a most of applications in architecture, transport, display or industrial production.Aluminum honeycomb panel has widely used in facade cladding industry, interior decoration, ceiling, partition, furniture industry, ship hull building and ship decoration, vehicle building and so on.pecifications:(1) Aluminum sheet: 3003H24 or 5052H14 aluminum alloy with PVDF or PE coating as customers requirement with dry film thickness of 35um(2) Aluminum honeycomb core: Hexagon aluminum honeycomb core made by 3003H24 &5052A14(thickness: 0.04-0.06mm, length: 5-6mm)(3) Glue: DUPONT GLUEAluminum honeycomb panel Thickness:(1) Typical thickness: 6mm-200mm(2) Special thickness: Available according to customers requirementSize:(1) Width: Within 2000mm(2) Length: Within 6000mmColor: Available in different colors including the wood and stone colorsShapes: Available according customers requirement, such as the one side curved panel, two-side curved panel, columns, square, triangle, advertisement board etc.ThicknessUnit6 mm10 mm15 mm 20 mm 25 mm Cover sheet thickness, front[mm]1.0Cover sheet thickness, rear [mm][kg/m²] propertiesSection modulusW[cm³/m]2.64.6141924RigidityE@J[kNcm²/m]7.10021.90075.500138.900221.600Alloy / Temper of Aluminium LayersPeraluman alloy (AIMg), H42 acc. EN 573-3Modulus of Elasticity  E[N/mm²]70.000Tensile Strength of Aluminium  R m[N/mm²]≥ 1250.2 % Proof Stress R p0,2[N/mm²]≥ 80Elongation  A 50[%]≥ 5Linear Thermal Expansion  α2.4 mm/m at 100ºC temperature differenceCoreAluminium foils from AIMn alloys (EN AW-3003) Bare comprehensive strength[N/mm²]> 2.5Weight[kg/m³]> 50Surface   LacqueringCoil Coating Fluorocarbon based (e.g. PVDF)Gloss (initial value)[%]25-40Pencil HardnessHB-FAcoustical PropertiesSound Absorption Factorα s0.05Airborne sound insulation index (acc. to ISO 717-1, ISO 140-3)     R w[dB]2121222325Thermal  PropertiesTermal conductivity (regarding total thickness, incl. cover sheets)     λ[W/mK]0.951.351.782.252.70Thermal resistanceR[m²K/W]0.00630.00740.00840.00890.0093Temperature Resistance[ºC]-40 to +80         


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