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HM-ZD 240/450/600 Automatic rigid box line Automatic paper feed by Feida Device Equip heat exchange gluing system Four Corner Pasting at one time with galvanothemy melting point device Air pump belt control by the division device Orientation of the box and paper wrap control by adjust device, error betweenВ±0.2mm Automatic pick up device between the conveyor belt and box forming machine series step of box molding for box putting in, coating and folding edge auto mulfunction diagnoses and PLC control ZD240 Paper wrapper size: 82 X 45-450 X 305 MM Box size: 38x28x8-240x140x90mm Thickness of box board: 0.5-3 mm Thickness of wrap paper:80--160 g/m2 Size of folding edge: 7---20mm Speed:30-40pcs/min ZD450 Paper wrapper size: 180x95-850x480 mm Box size: 125x50x12-450x305x130 mm Thickness of box board: 0.8-3 mm Thickness of wrap paper:80-160 g/m2 Size of folding edge: 7-20 mm Speed:25--35pcs/ min ZD600 Paper wrapper size: 180x95-850x610 mmBox size: 125x50x12-600x400x150 mm Thickness of box board: 1-3 mm Thickness of wrap paper:80-160g/m2 Size of folding edge: 7-35 mm Speed: 20-30pcs/min Semi- Automatic rigid box line


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box maker
box maker

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