Allen Bradley | 2094-BC01-M01-S | Kinetix 6000 Sero Drive

Allen Bradley | 2094-BC01-M01-S | Kinetix 6000 Sero Drive  In-stock

Condition: 2094-BC01-M01-S
New in box,  sealed

Delievery: 2094-BC01-M01-S
3-5 days after payment ship out

Warranty: one year warranty

Xiamen XierMo Electric Co, Ltd

Add: Room 101 ,XiangWuSiLi No.10,XiangAn District ,XiaMen ,Fujian,China 361102

Tel:86-592-5579206 15859255758


       gao_xiermo at 126 dot com

        2476237907 at qq dot com

SKYPE : snowy_gao


Also have below Allen Bradley Rockwell part in stock:

2711PRDT12AGPLCPanelView Plus Display Module2711PRDT12CPLCPanelView Plus Display Module2711PRDT12CKPLCPanelView Plus Display Module2711PRDT12HPLCPanelView Plus Display Module2711PRDT15AGPLCPanelView Plus Display Module2711PRDT15CPLCPanelView Plus Disp Mod - 2711P-RDT15 C2711PRDT7CPLCPV Plus 700 Touch Display Module2711PRDT7CKPLCPanelView Plus Display Module2711PRDT7CMPLCPanelView Plus Display Module2711PRFK10PLCPanelView Plus Accessory2711PRFK12PLCPanelView Plus Accessory2711PRFK15PLCPanelView Plus Accessory2711PRFK6PLCPanelView Plus Accessory2711PRFK7PLCPanelView Plus Accessory2711PRGK10PLCPV Plus 1000 Keypad Antiglare Overlay2711PRGK12PLCPV Plus 1250 Keypad Antiglare Overlay2711PRGK15PLCPV Plus 1500 Keypad Antiglare Overlay2711PRGK6PLCPanelView Plus Accessory2711PRGK7PLCPV Plus 700 Keypad Antiglare Overlay2711PRGT10PLCPV Plus 1000 Touch Antiglare Overlay2711PRGT10SPPLCPanelView Plus 7 Accessory2711PRGT12PLCPV Plus 1250 Touch Antiglare Overlay2711PRGT15PLCPV Plus 1500 Touch Antiglare Overlay2711PRGT4SPLCPanelView Plus 7 Accessory2711PRGT6PLCPV Plus 600 Touch Antiglare Overlay2711PRGT6SPLCPanelView Plus 7 Accessory2711PRGT7PLCPV Plus 700 Touch Antiglare Overlay2711PRGT7SPPLCPanelView Plus 7 Accessory2711PRGT9SPPLCPanelView Plus 7 Accessory2711PRL10CPLCPanelView Plus Accessory2711PRL10C2PLCPanelView Plus Accessory2711PRL7CPLCPanelView Plus Accessory2711PRL7C2PLCPanelView Plus Accessory2711PRMCPPLCPanelView Plus 7 Accessory2711PRMCSPLCPanelView Plus 7 Accessory


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